Live Demo: New-school Security Awareness Training

IT security risks like social engineering, phishing and ransomware attacks can cost your business millions in downtime and lost resources, while severely damaging your reputation.

If your organization has security-unsavvy users, it is time to change it. Educating your employees and providing them with security awareness training should be on top of mind as it can severely affect your organization.

Security Awareness Training will teach you how to approach cybersecurity proactively with the following resources:   

  • The world’s largest library of security awareness training
  • Simulated Phishing test to drive down your Phish-prone percentage
  • Smart Groups to educate your employees on how to make smarter security decisions
  • Reporting to identify and rectify weak points within your organization

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If you are looking for more resources that will help your business to identify and reduce security risks, have a look at our downloadable security tips poster.